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Gala Gar blowtorches
Gala Gar blowtorches, safety first

Gala Gar has a quality department that performs and strict controls to guarantee the safety, quality and perfect functioning of 100% the blowtorches it manufactures.

All the welding and cutting blowtorches that that use liquefied petroleum gases, such as propane or butane, as well as natural gas, as combustible gases must be approved by the Ministry of Industry based on the gaseous fuel distribution and utilisation regulation. All blowtorches manufactured by Gala Gar have this approval for those gases.

Below we answer some doubts about the quality and approval aspects of our blowtorches.
Must the blowtorches be approved?
Yes, any type of autogenous welding blowtorch that uses liquefied petroleum gases (propane and butane) and natural gas, MUST BE APPROVED by an authorised inspection body.
How can we know if a product has been approved?
The Ministry of Industry used to assign an approval code in order to differentiate approved products from non-approved products.  With the entry into force of the new Royal Decree this requirement has disappeared and at first sight it is not possible to know if a product has been approved or not.  Our products maintain these ministry codes as a symbol of safety and quality of the product manufactured. Any customer, who needs it, can request the certificate that accredits this approval to ensure that the product satisfies all the legally mandatory requirements.
Who validates our blowtorches?
The blowtorches are designed and conceived by our R&D Department and before they are approved by the official Inspection Body, a sample is prepared so that the REPSOL YPF TECHNOLOGY CENTRE (Accredited Laboratory) can perform all the tests required in the relative product standards.  These include, leak tightness, flashback and stability of the flame, overheating, general functioning, temperatures, consumptions and suction capacity, if fitting. It also verifies other aspects of the product such as control design, marks on the product and on the packaging, materials used to construct it, instructions manual, etc.
Once the results of the test are correct, the product project is sent with the test report to the Body for them to issue the relative Product Conformity (Approval) which must be periodically renewed.
Is any control carried out on the blowtorches before they are launched onto the market?
All blowtorches manufactured at Gala Gar are 100% verified as required by the product standard and by the actual approval.

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