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Welding machines and welding products are surrounded by many necessary services for users or customers to be able to carry out their work with guarantees.

Gala Gar covers all these services with one single purpose: to satisfy the needs of its users and customers in the most efficient way possible.

Our technical service, our training department, our sales staff..., all offer the right solutions at the right times to satisfy the customer's needs.

At Gala Gar we are continuously evolving and improving, incorporating new services.
Gala Gar offers this service, which enables you to assess the state of your machines, and also if they satisfy the ISO certificates.
Our Training Department also offers advisory services aimed at improving production systems, assessing workstations and processes.
The inspection of welded constructions involves all activities aimed at guaranteeing a certain degree of reliability of a welded unit.

Gala Gar places specific inspection services at its customers’ disposal, based on their quality requirements and procedures:
  • Visual inspection.
  • Liquid penetrant inspection.
  • Magnetic particle inspection.
  • Ultrasound inspection.
  • Radiography inspection.
  • Destructive tests.
Quality training like the Gala Gar training provides:
  • Greater competitiveness.
  • Greater professionalism.
  • Improvement in production processes.
  • Better adaptation to the entrepreneurial change.
  • Cost reduction.
  • And, of course an increase in the quality and productivity of your company.
The Gala Gar Training Department prepares and offers bespoke courses depending on your needs.
The Gala Gar technical advisory department also offers the possibility of:
  • Approving your welders.
  • Approving your procedures.
The welding equipment verification kit is a useful and simple tool that enables verifications to be made on gas regulation, and cutting and welding equipment. These verifications guarantee that the equipment works correctly, as well as its safety and quality standards at the time of the verification.

It also permits controlling such important aspects as leak tightness, working of overpressure valves, pressure gauge reading or aspiration level of flame equipment. Gala Gar offers the possibility of:

  • Verifying your equipment at our facilities.
  • Verifying equipment at the customer’s facilities./li>
  • Purchasing the equipment verification kit providing the customer with training in its use, if required.
Correct calibration is necessary for different reasons:

  • More efficient process control leads to greater productivity and more economical work.
  • Possibility of transferring procedures from one equipment to another without adjustments, maintaining uninterrupted production.
  • Greater process stability and consequently, an increase in economic efficiency.
  • Data control makes different types of equipment compatible.
    Gala Gar offers the possibility of:
  • Calibrating your equipment at our facilities.
  • Calibrating equipment at the customer’s facilities.
  • Purchasing the CPR-300 calibration equipment providing the customer with training in its use, if required.
The CPR-300 is a system that calibrates welding equipment via 15 resistive stages, to test, verify, calibrate and perform static tests on direct current electrical welding equipment. Ideal for after-sales and repair services. Functions:
  • Measurement and calibration of the welding DC voltage.
  • Measurement and calibration of the welding DC current.
  • Execution of static characteristic. Welding equipment static diagram U2(I2).
  • Execution of cycle thermal tests.
Gala Gar offers an extensive service in automation and robotics. It is the partner of two main market brands: Promotech in automation systems and SKS in robotised welding machines.

Gala Gar also offers customers bespoke automations:
  • Rotary tables.
  • Positioners.
  • Welding clamps.
  • Rollers.
  • Welding column and boom with motor-driven base.
Furthermore, Gala Gar offers and manufactures robotized welding machines with MIG/MAG, TIG, and Plasma Welding. Another of our services is to provide support to the integration in robotized welding installations, working with practically all the market brands. Gala Gar has basic robotized cells both with second-hand and new robots. These cells are very basic loading and unloading installations for small parts.
The occupational risk protection law requires us to protect welders against fumes that are produced in the welding processes.

We offer our customers advice on how to meet this requirement.

We can offer different types of solutions:
  • High-vacuum mobile equipment.
  • Low-vacuum mobile equipment.
  • Fixed installations for one or two users.
  • Multi-arm installations.
  • Air-filtering systems inside the installation.
  • Diluter Push-Pull
  • Welding tables with extraction.
  • Extractor hoods.
We offer complete turnkey installations.
What is the 1090?
It is mandatory standard for all metal structure manufacturing companies that want to obtain the EC marking.

Gala Gar offers a tool, through the WPS (welding procedure specifications), to help companies obtain the EC certificate, according to EN1090, through a suitable classification entity.

In short, an accredited body must approve your company. Your company must have a certification that shows you have control over your entire production system, including the equipment used for manufacture and production, control over the personnel who must have the necessary qualifications, and of course all the procedures must be described in a quality manual and respected, accordingly.

What does Gala Gar afford?

Gala Gar provides industry with an important tool, thanks to its wps, wpqr, welder certification packages, etc., which form part of the requirements included in UNE-EN 1090, for the companies who have these services to be able to effectively and correctly obtain this certification.

And it does so by covering the most extreme execution or production class, the EXC4. The execution class shows the extent to which a company is affected by this new standard. The execution class EXC4 should be applied to special structures or structures that would have extreme consequences if they were to have structural faults, as required by the national provisions.
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